Best 10 Car Bluetooth Receivers in 2018

Mobile phone usage while driving has been banned in many countries today without leaving behind numerous states in the USA. Research links a lot of road accidents to distractions caused by the use of these gadgets. Additionally, the use of earphones is also prohibited since it may distract the driver’s attention.

On the other hand, we can’t always pull over when we need to make or receive a call while driving. That’s where car Bluetooth receivers come in handy. These are gadgets that allow us to use our mobile devices hands-free. Moreover, they allow us to listen to our favorite hits via our car’s stereo especially when the system doesn’t support Bluetooth functionality.

Best Car Bluetooth Receivers in 2018

Below is a list of the best-selling car Bluetooth receivers you can have for your vehicle.

10. Nulaxy, Wireless Bluetooth FM Transmitter Car Kit


If you had the previous version of Nulaxy Bluetooth Receiver, then you know that there’re several features which we wished would have been incorporated. This new model has all that taken care of. It’s an advanced Bluetooth Fm transmitter and receiver with 2 USB ports, 1 acts as a charger while the other is used to transfer media files.

Nulaxy comes with a 1.44’’ LCD screen from which you can tell your car’s battery’s voltage, caller ID, and the name of the song playing. Moreover, it’s compatible with various gadgets including iPhone, iPad, Galaxy, etc.

9. Otium, Wireless In-Car Bluetooth Receiver


At a glance, Otium FM Transmitter resembles Nulaxy though it’s somehow cheaper. It’s also an excellent Bluetooth receiver you would never regret buying. This model plugs in comfortably into your car’s cigarette charger.

It’s an ideal choice if you’re seeking for a way to make or receive calls through your car’s speakers. Otium FM Transmitter has a frequency range of between 87.5Mhz to 108.0Mhz. It offers super clear CD quality sounds and supports many digital gadgets.

8. Elobeth, Bluetooth FM Transmitter


This is another versatile car Bluetooth receiver with superior functionalities. Featuring 3.0 Bluetooth version, all you get is flawless ultra clear conversation, music, and GPS voice navigation.

Elobeth Bluetooth transmitter is an easy-to-use Bluetooth receiver and also acts as a charger for your laptop, iPad, or phone. Even more, this receiver automatically connects to the last connected phone. It has a simple set up and is also extremely easy to operate.

7. AUKEY, Bluetooth Receiver with 3Port USB Car Charger


While most other Bluetooth receivers utilize Bluetooth 3.0 technology, Aukey uses the latest version 4.0. This allows it to receive clear signals 33 feet away.

To add on to these superior features, Aukey comes with 3 USB ports so you can charge 3 devices at a go. Moreover, this award-winning Bluetooth receiver can support 2 Smartphones simultaneously.

6. Nyrius, Songo Portable Wireless Bluetooth Receiver


Most Bluetooth receivers’ inbuilt batteries offer utmost 3 hours of continuous usage. However, you can now seamlessly stream your favorite music through your car’s stereo for unbelievable 12 hours. This makes it the most ideal for you who spend most hours on the road.

Nyrius has a compact design that won’t block you from other control features. Also, this Bluetooth receiver has a super easy set up; You just need to plug and play. It has also been designed to block any other waves within its range to offer crystal clear sound transmission.

5. Etekcity, Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Receiver


Etekcity is a renowned brand in the field of electric gadgets. It’s no surprise that their Bluetooth receiver is all you may need for your car system, home theater, or any other powered speakers. Its built-in battery recharges fast and takes you for long.

Etekcity Bluetooth Receiver also uses 4.0 Bluetooth technology for a full speed transmission and superior connectivity up to 33 feet. Moreover, it’ll automatically turn off if not used for a while to save on energy.

4. TaoTronics, Bluetooth Receiver/Car Kit


This model from TaoTronics is number one best-selling on Amazon today. It uses 4.0 Bluetooth technology backed by an incredible microphone for clear, seamless conversations. Its inbuilt battery offers up to 8 hours of talk time and music play. In addition, this compact sized receiver has multipoint Bluetooth connectivity that supports 2 devices at once.

Tao Tronics feature easy-to-use control buttons and is an easy setup. This makes using it in various cars or stereos a breeze.

3. SoundBot, SB360 Bluetooth Car Kit


SoundBot SB360 Bluetooth car kit is a savior to you who have a car stereo with no Bluetooth support but has a USB and an aux jack port. You’ll find it easy to set up and use. Its crystal clear signal transfer and noise reduction technology make calls flawless and ensures non-stop music playing.

The package comes with easy-to-understand instructions and pairs with your devices in a snap. Notably, this device features a metallic casing hence very durable. Even further, SoundBot has 3 USB ports to cater for all your charging needs.

2. Mpow, Streambot Bluetooth Receiver


Mpow Streambot Bluetooth Receiver hasn’t been on the market for long. Surprisingly, it’s already taking it by storm and has been able to garner thousands of positive reviews so far. It’s affordable and features a simple but practical design. With this receiver, you can respond to a phone call and even redial at the touch of a button.

Mpow StreamBot uses the latest Bluetooth technology which results to quality, reliable, and noise-free sounds. Again, the receiver is compact and won’t clutter your dashboard.

1. GOgroove FlexSMART Bluetooth In-Car Transmitter


Go groove FlexSmart X2 has been designed to last and sets up in a breeze. Go Groove supports an advanced system that’s compatible with a wider range of devices. It also connects with 2 devices at a go.

Go groove Bluetooth receiver has a flexible neck so it can be used in almost any vehicle’s stereo system. There’s no way you’re going to fry this Bluetooth receiver since it comes with an inbuilt DC surge protection.

Car Bluetooth receivers are inexpensive devices which will help you receive, make calls, and even listen to music while driving. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars changing your entire car’s stereo system. If it supports an aux or USB port, then a Bluetooth receiver is all you need.


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