Best 10 Baby Bottle Reviews For 2018

With so many options on the market, it may seem overwhelming to decide which is the best baby bottle to purchase for your new little one. Most babies will need to use bottles, whether you bottle-feed from the beginning, transition from breastfeeding to bottle feeding, or for parents that choose a combination of breast and bottle. We have reviewed the best options on the market to provide new and seasoned parents with all the information needed to choose the best baby bottle option for your new baby.


Here are the main features to look at when choosing the right bottle for your baby:

  • Bottle Material – glass or plastic
  • Nipple Size and Shape- this is including venting system, all of which can make a difference for babies switching between bottles and breastfeeding, as well as babies prone to gas, fussiness, or colic
  • Ease of Holding
  • Ease of Cleaning
  • The Ease of Transporting Bottles

Here is our list of the ten best baby bottles the market today, along with what makes them each stand out among the competition. We will share our pros and cons of each to help you make the best decision for your new little bundle of joy. Many of the bottles are available in sets, providing a perfect gift for new parents, as well providing value. Often times, even with research and planning, babies will be the ones to decide which bottle is their favorite. Knowing which bottles and types are available and possibly having a few different options from the list below on hand to try with your new little one can help.


Top Ten Best Baby Bottle Reviews


Dr. Brown’s Original

Dr. Brown’s bottles are BPA, PVC, lead, and phthalate free for baby’s safety, and are constructed from polypropylene and silicone. Using unique venting called the Natural Flow system, Dr. Brown’s bottles use positive pressure flow which prevents air from mixing with the formula or breast milk. This prevents the bottle nipple from collapsing and eliminates air bubbles. More similar to nursing, baby avoids ingesting extra air during the feeding. Avoiding air bubbles during feedings often helps to ease colic symptoms, such as gassiness, fussiness, and spitting up. The bottles connect easily to many brands of breast pumps. This set includes two 4oz bottles with nipples, three 8oz bottles with nipples, two extra level 2 nipples, and specialized cleaning brushes unique to the venting system.

Negatives of this bottle system for some parents may include the number of parts in the bottles. Due to the venting system, there are extra pieces to wash and re-assemble. If you are transporting full bottles, you must use the disk to attach to the bottle and not just the bottle lid to avoid leaking. While this bottle may be very beneficial to some babies, the bottles are not a guarantee to resolve colic, gassiness, or spitting up in all babies.





Philips Avent Natural Glass

Philips Event are BPA-free glass bottles with a wide shaped nipple and neck to mimic the breast, for ease with transitioning between breastfeeding and bottle feeding. With a twin-valve, anti-colic system, the bottles release air to reduce and prevent extra air during feedings for baby’s comfort. The set includes three 4oz bottles with newborn nipples, two 9oz bottles with slow flow nipples, two pacifiers, and a formula dispenser. The Avent bottle brush, included in this set, easily cleans the bottles and nipples.

Bottles have an excellent seal, and do not tend to leak. While an excellent option to avoid exposure to plastics, as baby grows, glass bottles may prove to be a concern for babies that want to hold their bottles independently, as they tend to be heavier than their plastic counterparts, may slip out of parents’ and baby’s grip, and there may be a risk of shattering if dropped or thrown by a growing baby.





Phillips Avent Natural

This Phillips Avent set is constructed with BPA-free plastics. Like the other Philips Event bottles, this bottle has a wide shaped nipple and neck, making it easier to transition from breast to bottle. The venting system helps to prevent colic by taking air away in the nipple vent, reducing gassiness and fussiness that can occur during feedings. The shape and weight of the bottle make it comfortable for both parent and baby to hold. This set includes two 4oz bottles with newborn nipples, two 9oz bottles with slow flow nipples, two pacifiers, a bottle brush, and a sterilizer. With minimal parts, cleaning and assembly are easy. The included bottle sterilizer is possibly the only negative, as it can be nice to have, it is not necessary to sterilize bottles besides prior to the first use, and is an added expense included in this set.





Comotomo Baby Bottle

The Comotomo brand bottle and nipple boasts 100% silicone construction, offering a soft, durable, and BPA free bottle for baby. The bottle nipple has venting to release air and deter extra air during feedings. The nipple offers texture similar to breastfeeding, enhancing the ability to transition baby between breast and bottle. It is also designed to encourage latching. The simple bottle design makes cleaning easy, and the light weight construction offers ease for holding. The silicone is virtually indestructible. The bottle lids prevent leaking during transport.




Chicco Natural Fit

The Chicco Natural Fit bottles offer a set including bottles with angled and straight nipples. The bottle construction is BPA free plastic, which is lightweight. The nipples have a venting system to reduce air, offering more comfort to baby during feedings. Included are two 5oz, one 8oz, and one 11oz bottle, as well as two types of nipples – angled and straight. The angled, slow flow nipples encourage the natural feeding position preferred by most newborns. The larger bottles come with medium and fast flow nipples, so this set will grow with baby. The set also includes a sterilizer for easy cleaning, and 2 silicone pacifiers.

With four bottles plus extras in this best baby bottle set, it provides a great value. Lids fit securely for transport. Cons for the Chicco Natural Fit would include the width of bottles, which are easy for parents to hold, but would be more challenging for baby to hold. While the angled nipple can be nice, baby must be held in the correct position to avoid air bubbles with the newborn sized bottles. The sterilizer is a nice addition, but in no way a necessity.





Dr. Brown’s Options

The Dr. Brown’s Options Baby Bottle Deluxe Set includes two 4oz and two 8oz BPA-free bottles with two level 2 nipples. Extras in this set include a pacifier, bottle brush, baby balm, diaper cream, lotion, and foaming wash. This Dr. Brown’s set differs from the original bottles, as the venting system can be removed. The venting system prevents any air from mixing in the bottle to eliminate excess air for baby, which could lead to gas, fussiness, and colic symptoms.

As baby grows, some parents may chose to remove the venting, as baby may no longer need the extra help to avoid the excess air during feedings. The nipple is very narrow, which may work well for some babies, but not all. The lightweight and slim bottle design are easy for holding. As with the Dr. Brown’s Original bottle, the venting system does complicate cleaning slightly, which may be a drawback.

If sealed correctly with the included sealing disks, there is no issue with leaking during transport. The bottles also are commutable with many breast pumps. This set also does not include a newborn flow feeding nipple, so that would be an additional purchase if needed. However, this set provides a nice assortment of extras for the price whick makes it a contender in our best baby bottle list.





Lifefactory Baby Bundle

The Lifefactory best baby bottle is made from borosilicate glass, which withstands heat and is shock resistant. The bottles can be put in the freezer without concern of breakage. Two 9oz bottles are included in this pack. The bottles have a silicone sleeve which offer a secure grip and provide protection in case the bottle is dropped. With a stage 2 narrow silicone nipple, this bottle is best for ages 3-6 months. The nipple is BPA and phthalate free. It is easily compatible with many breast pumps and the simple design can be easily cleaned.

Transporting is easy with the included bottle cover. Drawbacks to this bottle will be that it is not typically a newborn-friendly bottle, as a different nipple will be needed. The nipple shape and size may also not work as well for babies more used to breastfeeding or for babies that need extra venting support due to drawing in excess air during feedings.





Munchkin Latch

The Munchkin Latch BPA-free Baby Bottle offers four 8oz BPA-free bottles with stage 1 nipples. The nipples offer a soft feel that stretch and move for ease and comfort during feedings. The nipple has a wide base with a movement to mimic breastfeeding. The stage 1 nipples are most appropriate for newborns to 3 months of age. The bottles are dishwasher safe for ease of cleaning. The venting system in the bottom of the bottle aids in reducing air during feedings, increasing comfort for baby. Negatives to this bottle system include the possibility of some leaking through the vent on the bottom of the bottle. Additional nipples will need to be purchased as baby grows.





Dr. Brown’s Baby Bottles Girls 6 pack

The original Dr. Brown’s bottles are offered in a 6 pack in cute pink and purple colors. There are 3 of each color included. The bottles offer the same unique venting system known in the Dr. Brown’s bottles, which eliminate air during feedings, assisting with reducing gassiness, fussiness, and colic. With a narrow nipple, the silicone bottles are 8oz in size. This bottle must be used with the venting system to avoid leaks, and the sealing disk must be used during transport. The bottles are readily compatible with many breast pumps. With the many parts included in the venting system, including the need to use the special cleaning brushes, the increased amount of time needed for cleaning my be a deterrent for some parents.





Chicco NaturalFit Baby’s First Gift Set

This Chicco set includes two 4oz bottles and two 8oz bottles with two angled nipples and two straight nipples. All of the nipples are slow-flow for newborns. The nipples help mimic breastfeeding with their soft, contoured shape and wide base. The anti-colic valves help by removing air, for a comfortable and easy feeding. Two pacifiers are also included in this set. The Chicco NaturalFit offers a nice value for this starter set, which would also make a great baby gift, but additional bottles and nipples would be needed as baby grows.

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