Best 10 Baby Girl Gifts And Toys For 2018

If the baby you are buying a gift for is between the ages of newborn and no older than 12 months, you will find the information provided for you here very useful. As an infant, a baby girl doesn’t do much more than observe her surroundings. At this time, the baby’s vision is blurry. This means that the baby sees boldly patterned and brightly colored things best. Nora Newcombe, Ph. D. is a developmental psychologist at Temple University. When advising parents about the toys their baby can best respond to, Newcombe stated, “Toys don’t have to be black and white so long as the colors contrast with each other”. In other words, baby girl gifts and toys during the first months of life should be both colorful and contrasting.

As your baby continues to grow, she will use the other senses. Your baby will be challenged to interact in many different ways with toys. Your baby will enjoy toys that make noises. Toys that make sounds such as music, chimes, animal sounds, clicks, squeaks and drums will keep your baby girl engaged and entertained. Your little one will love toys that are cuddly and soft or textured. Textured toys are perfect for teething infants since they can provide pain relief.


The Top Ten Best Baby Girl Gifts And Toys – Reviewed

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

When choosing your baby’s first walker, keep in mind the fact that the baby’s walker should meet her needs. Generally, the purpose of a baby’s walker is to lend walking support to the baby as she learns to walk. The walker must also provide secure and safe movement for the baby. This walker not only helps the baby to walk naturally, but it also teaches the baby girl as well.

As your baby grows, she will become increasingly curious to learn new things. That’s why you should teach her both problem solving and motor skills. Making learning fun is the best way to keep your baby girl captivated and engaged. That’s where this Learning Walker is the best option for you. Since it is both educational and interactive, it surely will keep your baby entertained.

Features of VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

  • Wheels are maneuverable. Every child needs to learn a new task at her own pace, and walking is no exception. The VTech Sit-to-Stand’s rubber wheels allows your child to go faster or slower and learn to walk at her own pace. Its wheels are designed to adapt to hard floors or carpet making it possible for your baby to travel throughout your home.
  • This walker teaches a child the various shapes and also develops her fine motor skills. Its three shape sorters, two spinning rollers, three light-up buttons and turning gear system all make it possible to meet both these goals.
  • This walker allows your baby to communicate using a telephone. The walker’s phone makes it possible for your baby girl to pretend talking with T.V. characters such as Sponge Bob, Charlie Brown, Porky Pig or Garfield.
  • This walker’s sounds including music will keep your baby engaged for many hours. This walker not only has many mechanical components creating noise and music, your baby can also actually create her own melodies using the walker’s five piano keys.
  • The walker’s front panel is removable allowing your baby girl to play with it for quite some time. It simply will not roll away or topple over. Your baby can easily snap the front panel off making it easy for your baby to play with it home, at grandma’s house or at friend’s home.
  • Seventy sing-along songs, sound effects, music and fun phrases are especially suited to babies.


VTech manufactures toys that are unbelievably entertaining and interactive for a child of any age. This Sit-to-Stand Walker is one of the best walkers on the market today. The removable front panel makes the walker great as a tool for learning as well as a toy to keep your baby girl engaged.


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Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Toolbox

Will your little baby girl can enjoy hammering? If so, the Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Smart Stages Toolbox is the perfect toy for her. The best thing about this toolbox is that it will grow with your child. This is because the toolbox has 3 distinctive stages. These stages provide Smart Stages designed to teach your baby girl about colors, numbers and other things as well.

Smart Stages Technology

With just a slide of its switch, you can select the best level for your baby.

  • Level 1, Explore — For babies 6 months+: At this stage, your baby will be presented with shape & color names, fun sounds, sing-along songs and first words. Your baby’s play will include opening and closing the toolbox, tapping pegs or battling the roller. She will also become acquainted with phrases such as, “Open & Closed”.
  • Level 2, Encourage – For babies 12 months: This level not only requires your baby to identify colors & shapes, it also introduces your child to Spanish. Its voice encourages your baby to play by asking questions such as “Can you find a red triangle?” and answering with “Good Job!”
  • Level 3, Pretend — For babies 18 months+: This stage will encourage your baby to pretend with fun phrases and over 40 sing-along songs. When the baby pretends, she will imagine and pretend to play with a puppy and her toolbox.

Toolbox Encourages Baby to Develop Knowledge and Skills

Shapes, numbers, colors and opposites are introduced by phrases, sounds, colors, opposites and songs. When prompted to find colors and shapes, your baby girl will develop thinking skills. Hands-on-activities such as a roller to spin with a bat, hammering pegs, opening & closing a lid and moving a slide ruler will develop your baby’s eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills as well.


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LeapFrog Scout’s Learning Lights Remote

If you want to keep your little girl entertained, a remote might be just the thing to do it. Leap Frog Scout’s Learning Lights remote will capture the attention of your baby in a big way. Once it grabs the baby’s attention, she will be anxious to learn numbers, shapes and first words. Babies 6 to 36 months old, will love its light-up screen and 65 songs. With over 10 lights and bright colors, your baby girl will be encouraged to explore. The baby will think it’s even better than mommy’s and daddy’s remote.

Early learning concepts taught by this remote include:

  • Numbers
  • Counting
  • Shapes
  • First Words & Phrases
  • Pretend Play

As your little girl presses up, down, left and right, she can hear songs, play games or pretend to play with the amusing puppy buddy Scout. By pressing the channel button, she will hear how Scout has lots of fun in all the various kinds of weather. By helping Scout count shapes, she, too, will learn numbers and counting. Scout is just a lovable pal to help your baby girl learn.


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Lamaze Flip Flap Dragon

Child development experts are familiar with the learning that comes with every stage of a baby’s growth. With that in mind, Lamaze baby girl gifts and toys are designed and created along with the experts. This is why Lamaze toys are able to promote healthy play and learning. With a Lamaze toy, your baby girl will be encouraged to both grow and develop while promoting parent and baby together time. The activities of these toys will also encourage your little girl
The Flip & Flap Dragon is a fantastic toy your little girl will love. The toy’s activities provides lots and lots for your baby to interact with and explore. When your baby pulls the white clip, the dragon’s wings will flip and flap. Just a squeeze of the dragon’s nose will make him squeak.


  • Sensory Development: The dragon is made of fabric with beautiful contrasting colors and soft and is durable. This dragon is a wonderful way to develop your baby girl’s senses and to also encourage her exploration. By squeezing the dragon’s cheeks, your baby girl will hear a friendly little squeak and his crinkly and noisy feet.
  • Clip and Go: The hoop of the dragon toy not only makes his wings flap, it is also handy for taking the toy with you as you travel. You can clip the dragon to the baby’s stroller, travelling seat or car seat.


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Gund 11.5 Inch Peek-A-Boo Bear

Babies love to play peek-a-boo, and playing with an adorable bear is lots of fun. When your baby girl presses the bear’s foot, he will raise and lower the little blanket he is holding to play the peek-a-boo game.

Lasting memories of your little baby girl can be created with a baby Gund plush toy. The Gund toys offer a huggable and high-quality assortment of adorable animals that have whimsical designs. Your baby will really enjoy interacting with them. The baby Gund collection includes classic teddy bears as well as more contemporary and gender-neutral animals.


  • Peek-A-Bear’s arms and mouth are movable.
  • Bear recites 10 different phrases.
  • Bear raises and lowers blanket.
  • Bear’s surface is washable.
  • Appropriate for newborns
  • Play approximately 40 seconds


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Fisher-Price Rainforest Music & Lights Gym

You can bring the magic of the rainforest to your little baby girl with this Fisher-Price Rainforest Music and Lights Gym with lights and music that responds to the movement of your baby. Not only is the music motion activated, but the gym has hanging toys for your baby to play with.


  • Toys and Activities of Gym: Music, lights and sounds are activated by your baby girl’s movements. Your baby can:
    – Spin the rollerball of the snail.
    – Bat at the soft monkey and lion.
    – Make the zebra clack.
    – See herself in the mirror.
    – Create an entirely new point of view by rearranging the linkable toys.
    – Be sensory stimulated by its soft mat.


  • Lay and Play Time: Your teeny-tiny baby girl will be entertained during lay and play time. Your baby girl will:
    – Be encouraged and push up and play during tummy time.
    – Play hands-on with the light-up and musical toucan.
    – Able to remove the toucan and press his wing or shake it gently to get lights and fun tunes. Since the toucan can be removed, your baby can take it with her.


  • Busy, Skill-Building Play: Your baby will be:
    – Batting or kicking to create music, lights and sounds teaches baby she can makes things happen. This will introduce your baby girl to cause and effect.
    – Enhancing visual skills with the gym’s high contrast details and bright colors.
    – Stimulating her senses of hearing & touch with the gym’s music, sounds and textures.


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VTech Busy Learners Activity Cube

The VTech Busy Learners Activity Cube was created for babies between 6 months and 36 months. A baby girl between these ages will find this learning cube is lots of fun and has loads of activities to give your opportunities to explore.

The learning cube provides:

  • Five sides for your baby girl to explore
  • Light-up buttons and colors attract your baby’s attention
  • Music to encourage imaginative play
  • Animal buttons to introduce your baby to animals’ names and sounds
  • Shape buttons to introduce the various shapes
  • Blocks that slide and spin for your baby girl to interact with and develop fine motor skills
  • Music including 25 sing-along songs and many melodies
  • Motion sensor that sets off fun sounds to attract your baby’s attention when cube is moved
  • Parent-friendly features including durable design, volume control, BPA free plastic and automatic shut off


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Baby Starters Plush Snuggle Buddy, Sugar N Spice Doll

Every little girl loves a doll to cuddle, and this one is perfect. Being soft as a cloud, this doll will quickly act as your baby girl’s security blanket. This lovable doll can be a best friend for your little baby girl. 6 month old and older baby girl will adore the cute character and love the soft fabric and satin lining. Being totally washable, this doll can be kept clean and relatively germ free.


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VTech Touch and Swipe Baby Phone

The VTech Touch and Swipe Baby phone can be your baby girl’s first smartphone. It will surely capture her imagination and provide opportunity for role-play fun.

Phone Smartphone Features

This phone features two modes that can be chosen with a simple slide. One mode allows your little one to play any one of twelve light-up pretend learning apps. The other mode entertains your baby with both fun melodies and sing-along songs.

Your baby girl can role-play using the phone to call family members, friends or their favorite stuffed animals. You can record your home number and save it for learning with the use of the “Home” button feature.

Your baby can also learn about her world by using the weather, calendar and clock apps. When your baby girl uses the slider and touch screen, she can develop eye and hand coordination.

Your little one is sure to learn the ABCs and 123s as well as first words with the sing-along songs and fun sounds. This phone is designed for 6 month old babies to 3 year old toddlers. As your child develops they will be able to learn and interact with the more complex functions of the toy, and start with the simpler functions. It also has an automatic shut-off to allow for the conservation of batteries. A great addition to the list of baby girl gifts and toys that will keep its appeal well into toddlerhood.


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LeapFrog Learn and Groove Musical Table Activity Center

Hours of fun are encouraged by the LeapFrog Learn and Groove Musical Table.

You can get your baby moving with the learning table’s:

  • More than 70 songs and learning activities
  • 5 instruments including drum and piano
  • Classic songs for children such Old Mac Donald and ABC song
  • Two play modes: learning and musical fun
  • Two languages: English and Spanish


  • Legs can be removed for floor play
  • Colorful instruments can be slid, pressed and spinned
  • Learn the sounds of the following instruments: drum, piano, xylophone, guitar and trombone
  • Introduces core learning skills including fine and gross motor skills, music, shapes and colors, numbers and letters


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