Best 10 Toilet Paper Rolls in 2018

When you shop for toilet paper rolls, what main feature do you go for? Soft, softer, softest, right? If you knew what was used during the medieval era, I guess you would grab any roll and walk away full of gratitude.

In 1857, Mr. Joseph Gayetty started selling some medicated packaged flat sheets which he called “Therapeutic Paper.” Later on, in 1890 Scott and his company came up with the first modern toilet roll. Today, there are hundreds of brands specializing in this product. Below, find a list of the top 10 best toilet paper rolls that have been rated as the best by many consumers.

10. Green Heritage, 2-Ply Jumbo Roll Bathroom Tissue


This toilet roll from Green Heritage is one of the best there are out there. With size 9″ Diameter x 3.42″ Width; this toilet roll fits in most of the standard bathroom dispensers. It comes in an easy-to-open package with 12 jumbo rolls and at a very pocket-friendly price. As such, it’s the most ideal for a work area that requires more toilet rolls. These rolls are comfortable and soft on you.

9. Georgia-Pacific, 2-Ply Premium Embossed Bathroom Tissue


Angel Soft toilet roll is one of the best ways to show your family and guests how much you care. To begin with, they are soft and true white. Again, each roll is wrapped separately for health reasons. Even further, it features 2-ply that are thick enough, so you never mess your hand. Additionally, it’s easy to tear off the sheets, and it doesn’t shred. Georgia Pacific Angel Soft toilet rolls also receive a lot of praise since it’s economical; a package contains 60 rolls with 400 sheets each.

8. Scott Tube-Free Toilet Paper


We all have a role to play in saving Mother Earth. With Scott Tube-Free toilet paper, we start doing it right from our bathroom. This tube free toilet roll rolls like any other toilet paper. Again, it’s super soft and thick. This environmentally friendly roll contains 40% recycled paper and is safe for our sewerage system and septic tanks. It doesn’t lead to clogging as other papers do.

7. Scott Rapid-Dissolving Bath Tissue


Are you tired of toilet papers that always give you some plumbing to do on your sewerage system due to clogging? Don’t suffer any longer. Just like its name, Scott Rapid-Dissolving bathing tissue is one of the fastest dissolving tissues. This FSC certified toilet roll is again thick and soft on your butt. It is ideal for campers, for use in RVs, on buses, and in other public toilets where highly absorbent and dissolving toilet paper is required.

6. Charmin Ultra Strong Toilet Paper


This is another charming product from Charmin. Just like other clients, you’ll realize that this ultra sturdy bathroom paper is worth your every penny. A single package comes with 24 mega rolls with 2-ply, 308 sheets each roll. Moreover, this package comes at an unbelievable price. With these, I guess you’ll not be budgeting for them again anytime soon. Worrying about your sewerage and septic system? Be cool. These washcloth-like papers have been certified to be clog-safe and safe for your septic as well.

5. Scott 1000 Sheets Per Roll Toilet Paper, 27 Rolls


This Scott 1000 must be one of America’s longest bathroom towels. And, again, it must be the longest serving in America’s toilets. The first striking feature about this toilet paper is its softness and thickness making it one of the most ideal for the toilet job. A single package of this comes with 27 mega rolls each with 1000 sheets. This should take you almost a year. As well, this brand has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and it’s 4 times in dissolving.

4. Cottonelle CleanCare Mega Roll Toilet Paper


Cottonelle cares so much about your experience in the toilet. As such, their Cottonelle Clean Care Mega Roll has received a lot of praise due to various reasons. This sewer and septic friendly tissue paper feature a Clean Ripple texture that contributes more to your cleanliness. Again, it is compatible with different standard tissue paper holders. Further, it’s absorbent and dissolves easily so it’ll never clog your sewer.

3. Cottonelle Ultra ComfortCare Big Roll Toilet Paper


This is another great invention from Cottonelle. Though somehow similar to Cottonelle Clean Care, you’ll realize that this huggable toilet paper is thicker yet softer for your behind and does the job even more efficiently. Moreover, the Ultra Comfort Care is a bigger roll than the latter which is quite significant in that there’ll be fewer roll changes.

2. Angel Soft Bath Tissue


This toilet roll has been highly rated and remains a favorite to thousands of people with more still adding to the numbers. Angel Soft Bath Tissue comes in 96 rolls per package. The two-ply toilet paper has 264 sheets in a single roll. Besides being both economical and of high quality, this bath tissue receives a lot of likes due to its cushiony comfort and softness. Again, it is unscented therefore in no way can it cause infection to you.

Our verdict: It’s of high quality, we recommend it to you.

1. Quilted Northern Ultra Plush


This is the best selling toilet roll on the market today and as such it boasts of having the largest number of followers to its name. Unlike other tissue papers which feature 2-ply sheets, this one enjoys 3-ply. You can choose between the regular package which comes in 90 rolls or the Supreme which has 24 rolls. As well, this unscented toilet paper is safe for your septic and sewer.

We included all the above toilet paper rolls based on their quality, features and by genuine reviews. We, therefore, recommend them to you. Those are ten great ways of showing some care and comfort to your behind.

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