Best 10 iPad Air Cases – 2018 Edition

iPads have become essential for business and personal use. Finding a good, quality case is vital to protecting your device while it is in your bag, sitting on your desk, or when using it in the car. Examine what your needs are to determine what kind of case you need.

There are two basic types of iPad Air cases, a softer slim-fit folio case or a rugged hard back case. Folio cases often come with convenience features like 360 swivel head, carrying straps, or adjustable straps for attaching to the back of a vehicle headrest. If you want to maintain the slim profile and light weight of the iPad the folio cases are a good choice.

Rugged hard back cases usually compromise convenience features in exchange for heavier protection of the iPad and its ports. However, if you are willing to pay a higher price for your case some rugged cases come with convenience features. If you travel often or use your iPad outdoors a rugged case will offer you the best protection of the iPad and its ports.

The 10 best iPad Air cases reviewed here are organized with the folio cases first followed by the rugged cases.


Top 10 Best iPad Air Cases Reviews

1. Khomo Dual Super Slim Cover with rubberized back and smart wake/sleep feature

The Khomo Dual is super slim, light weight, and leaves access to all ports and plug-ins while protecting your iPad. The case completely covers the front and back with a secure connecting piece. It has a polyurethane front cover to protect from fingerprints, bumps, and scratches; and a rubberized back cover to keep your iPad place when in use. It comes in a variety of solid colors. This simple case protects well without adding any bulk to the iPad, making a favorite amongst iPad users.



2. Devicewear Slim iPad Air Case the Ridge with six position cover flip stand, magnetic, smart wake/sleep feature

This folio case is made of vegan leather and includes a built-in magnet that allows the iPad to turn on and off when the case is opened or closed. The micro suede interior provides a soft surface to protect the iPad during travel. It comes with six different viewing angles and holds the iPad securely in each, using a ridge or lip rather than a groove to hold the iPad in place. It comes in three colors black, blue, and red.



3. Moko Apple iPad Air Cover Case with stand

This slim fit case offers sleek design with protection that won’t add bulk. It has an automatic wake and sleep feature and easy access to all controls and ports. The front is padded with a plastic back and covers the iPad at all corners. There is a hand strap on the microfiber interior that allows for easy one-handed use. It also comes in different colors, carbon fiber color options, and print options for those who want a little more variety. The frame of this case allows for full screen viewing and has three different viewing angles.



4. i-Blason Apple iPad Air Case

The i-Blason is a synthetic leather case with multiple typing and viewings options. If you are using your iPad in your lap, on a desk, or in the car the mult-view feature is going to help you find the best view available. It has a built in wake/sleep feature to save you battery life. It comes in a variety of colors allowing you to choose a color that expresses your personality. A built-in elastic strap is meant to allow you to keep a secure grip when on the go.



5. Snugg Apple iPad Air Case with kickstand

Another of the best iPad Air cases that has a slim fit case, offering good protection without adding bulk to the iPad. It has an automatic wake/sleep feature. The kickstand holds the iPad at a good viewing angle. This case offers decent protection and slim design without any of the other additional features found in other cases. The lack of features is reflected in the price, making this case one of the best iPad Air cases for those on a budget. It comes in various colors to allow for personal preference.



6. Fintie Apple iPad Air Case with 360 degree rotating stand case cover with auto sleep/wake feature

The 360 degree rotation found on the Fintie makes viewing easy for either landscape or portrait viewing. With a synthetic leather exterior it protects well from scratches while the hard interior cover protects the iPad itself. It has an easy snap mount feature that makes putting the case on easy. Be sure to snap the left side first, then the right side. The Fintie comes in many different colors and patterned designs for those looking for a case with a little personality.



7. Trent Gladius Air iPad Case with built-in stand

This rugged case offers the protection of a heavy duty case with the features of the lighter folio cases. The Gladius has a hard inner clamshell case with a rubber outer shell and an all metal arm with built-in screen protection. It has 360 degree rotation for easier viewing along with multiple angled views using the arm/stand. A hand-worked leather strap helps to secure your grip when carrying your iPad.



8. ZooGue iPad Air 1/ 2 Case Genius Pro 2015 Version with wake/sleep feature

This rugged case has a bit of extra bulk but offers more protection if your iPad gets dropped. Like the Gladius it has some convenience features that are usually found in the folio cases. The ZooGue can hold the iPad at any viewing angle which is held in place with Velcro. It also has an adjustable back strap that allows it to be mounted to the back of a car headrest a nice feature for family use.



9. Otterbox Defender Series Case for iPad Air

This rugged case offers heavier protection for those who put their iPad through a lot of rough and tumble travel and movement. It has 3-layer protection to help with drops, bumps, and shocks. The built-in screen protector guards against scratches and smudges. It also has port covers to keep out debris and dust. This is one of the best iPad Air cases for people who will be traveling and using their iPad outside on a regular basis.



10. iPad Air 2 Case, SUPCASE Apple iPad Air 2 Case 2014 Release

This rugged case meets the needs of heavy duty use. It has easy installation with a snap in design. The two layer design uses a polycarbonate hard shell and flexible TPU to protect your iPad from bumps, drop, and shocks. The built-in screen protected prevents scratches but still allows for easy use of touch features. It has a snug, secure fit with four color options.



Be sure to check that the model of iPad Air that you own will fit the case you are looking to buy as some cases only fit certain models. Determine what features are going to be important to you so that you can shortlist the best iPad Air cases for you personally. Viewing lots of streaming movies will mean you may need more viewing angles along with 360 degree rotation.

Consider the type of material on the outside of the case. Folio cases are more streamlined and professional looking, but keep in mind the materials used to make the outside. While some iPad users like the sleek look and feel of plastic others found it too slippery and worried about possibly dropping their iPad. If that sounds like you, look for a case that has some grip to it.

Most cases come with a few color choices but others come with color, material, and pattern choices. If expressing your personality through your iPad case appeals to you, look at the best iPad Air cases that offer these choices.

Most importantly, is the ability of the case to keep you iPad safe and secure. A good case should fit snuggly, have openings over ports or covers that open and close in the appropriate areas. There are many good options for cases that will protect your iPad and give you the look and feel you want. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.