Top 8 Best Electric 4-Frame Honey Extractors in 2018

Honey harvesting is a practice that has been around for centuries. With advancement in technology, modern bee keepers are finding it easier to harvest honey. We have modern tools and equipment which not only guarantee higher yield but also offers convenience for the farmers. Honey extractors are among the tools which have made bee keeping an easy task. They allow bee keepers to extract honey to the last drop and also help preserve the honeycombs for future uses.

Even though there’re countless honey extractors, finding the right ones can be quite an arduous task. Imagine sifting through than a thousand options to find the right product! Of course, that’s quite strenuous; not to mention time-consuming. Fortunately, we have taken up the task of testing the large volume of honey extractors available on the market. And yes, this list of the 8 best honey extractors is a result of our long research. We hope you’ll find what you need for your activities.

Factors to consider before buying honey extractors:

  • Price: The price has to be considerable. However, you have to remember this “Cheap is expensive”. It’s recommended a fairly priced extractor.
  • Material: The material has to be safe and durable. In this case, stainless steel or any other material which guarantees durability and safety.
  • Capacity: The capacity is also quite important. Consider something large enough for your needs. That way, you will get the desired results.

Best Electric 4-Frame Honey Extractors in 2018

8. BestEquip, Electric 4-Frame Stainless Steel Honey Extractor

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If you’re looking for excellent results, this honey extractor is recommended. It boasts some of the greatest features I have come across on the market. For instance, it can be used with four frames. And yes, this is an electric extractor. Being electric means you won’t have to worry about the manual process which is extremely tiring. The machine is designed to last longer than any ordinary extractor.

Again, this extractor is made using a food-grade stainless steel material. With the material, you can be sure to enjoy years of excellent services. With a drum height of 24 inches and a diameter of 20-inches, this is a great product for industrial and domestic uses. The capacity is ideal and adds to its excellent features making it a bang for each buck. The machine comes with a top-precision bearing which offers faster rotations for efficient results.

The 120W 1300RPM motor offers a whisper-quiet operation allowing one to conveniently harvest honey without disturbing anyone else. The silence makes it ideal for use at home since no one will be distracted. Again, the extractor comes with two Plexiglas lids which ensure debris and other external impurities do not contaminate the honey. The clear glass also allows one to monitor whatever is happening without having to take the lid off.

7. ZXMOTO, Electric 4 Frame Stainless Steel Honey Extractor

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Now, we get to the elephant in the house! ZXMOTO is the best honey extractor on the market. Why is it the best? If this is a question running up and down your mind, let’s delve in. First, this is a top-quality extractor boasting an excellent construction for added durability. It boasts a stainless steel construction which guarantees safety and durability.

And, this extractor is designed to extract honey without damaging the comb. Of course, honeycombs are supposed to be re-used. For that reason, destroying them would be a bad idea since it would affect future harvests. That’s why you need to add this tool to your cart if you want to practice bee keeping for a long time.

The diameter of this extractor is 19-inches and it boasts a height of 24-inches. Given its unique design, honey conveniently flows through the gate for added ease and convenience. The two crystal clear Perspex lids offer easy observation of the entire process. And, the machine is designed to stop when its lid is lifted. In a nutshell, this is a great option for any honey lover!

6. BEAMNOVA, Electric 4-Frame Stainless Steel Honey Extractor

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Just like all the other options on this list, the BEAMNOVA is a great product boasting excellent features. This is a four-frame extractor which delivers excellent honey extraction and comes with a stand and legs. Of course, stability is a crucial element for any extractor. For that reason, having a stand guarantees stability making this machine quite reliable.

The material used in its construction isn’t just durable but also quite safe for human use. The extractor is made using a top-grade 304 stainless steel material which makes it quite safe and durable. Ideal for all extraction needs, this is one of the top products on the market. The total height (including the stand) is 33-inches. This is a convenient height for easy and comfortable extraction.

The height of 24-inches and a diameter of 19-inches make this a convenient extractor. Of course, the capacity is also ideal for home and commercial uses. Something more, the extractor is equipped with two Plexiglas lids which allow one to monitor whatever is happening without opening them. Something else, the lid keeps debris away from the honey which is a great thing since it ensures your honey is free from impurities for added convenience.

Although it can work with all frames, the deep options have to be approximately 16 1/2″ x 10 1/4″. This is a convenient size and deep frames will be able to fit without much hassle. The honeycomb container is slightly rounded which avoid breaking of the combs during the extraction process.

5. FoodKing, Electric 4-Fram Honey Extractor

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FoodKing is a badass machine designed to deliver top results. It works within the shortest time possible and ensures that you get the right results when it comes to honey extraction. Just like most extractors, this brand can hold up to four frames. Of course, it isn’t manual! This is an electric appliance which is equipped with a 120W motor boasting a speed of 1300rpm. This is an excellent rotation speed which is enough to offer quick extraction. And, it also comes with a drum of 24-inches in height and 20-inches in diameter. So, if you’re looking for a machine which can be used for small or larger extraction purposes, worry not!

The dual-sided lid which is made using a crystal clear Perspex glass offers easy and convenient viewing of the entire process. And, the lid also keeps contaminants and impurities away thus ensuring that you have the best results. Of course, the safety of your honey is quite crucial since one could get health complications if they consume contaminated honey. And, the stainless steel construction makes it quite tough and durable.

4. Homgrace, Electric 4-Frame Stainless Steel Honey Extractor

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If you’re looking for a product which will require minimal assembling, this Homegrace honey extractor is highly recommended especially for beginners. With this extractor, you won’t need to be a rocket scientist to know to put everything together.

Again, the bottom is cone shaped. This shape creates efficient and effective honey extraction. And, the gate regulates the flow for added convenience during the extraction process. Its 304 stainless steel construction makes it a durable product. And, this is a safe and easy-to-clean product.

3. Farm, Electric 4-Frame 304 Stainless Steel Honey Extractor

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The Farm electric honey extractor comes with high-precision bearings and offers an excellent rotation speed for an excellent performance. It lasts longer than any ordinary honey extractor. And yes, the material used in its construction makes it a great option for anyone who doesn’t like going back to the market each year. Of course, a longer lasting extractor saves your money since you won’t be getting replacements or taking it for repairs all the time.

Just like the other brands, this machine boasts a unique 304 stainless steel construction which makes it a great option for any aficionado. The motor works on a voltage of 110V. This is an excellent rating although most extractors work on 120V. The slight difference shouldn’t be mistaken to mean a lesser performance. This machine works efficiently and ensures that you extract honey to the last drop.

Its diameter of 19.6-inches and convenient height makes it a great option for both commercial and home use. The capacity makes it perfect for all users. And, this extractor can also be used with different frames and is conveniently designed to offer excellent results. It can accommodate frames of up to 25 x 45cms. So, if you want to harvest honey conveniently without much hassle, this is the option I’d suggest.

2. OrangeA, Electric 4-Frame Honey Extractor

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Just like its earlier counterparts, this is a great honey extractor boasting some unique features. Similar to the previous product on the 7th position, this extractor can hold up to four frames. And, it comes in a height of 24-inches. The diameter is 20-inches and its power rating is 120W. With such an excellent power rating, its motor offers excellent results within the shortest time. With two crystal clear Plexiglas lids, you can monitor whatever is happening beneath inside the machine without having to take the lid off. Of course, that’s a good thing since it allows one to work conveniently and comfortably.

Something else, the lids also keep debris and other unwanted impurities away from the honey. That way, you get the cleanest and safest honey for your consumption and selling. Something else you’ll love about this extractor is the material used in its construction. It boasts a stainless steel construction which makes it a great option for anyone who doesn’t fancy the ideal of getting replacements each year.

The conical shaped bottom allows honey to conveniently drain through a 2-inch outlet/gate which is fitted with a stopper for convenience. The stopper has several benefits. For instance, it lets you control the flow of honey to avoid wastage or mess. This extractor also comes with a top-precision bearing to deliver high rotations. Given the top rotation speed, you get excellent results and a guaranteed performance.

1. VIVO, New Electric Four 4 Frame Stainless Steel Honey Extractor (BEE-V004E)

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We kick off with the VIVO honey extractor. First, I have to warn you; don’t let its position in our list misguide you. This product does an excellent job. It boasts some excellent features which earn it a slot in our list. First, it comes with a 120V AC motor which makes it an excellent option for anyone who wants to achieve quick results. I mean, with such a motor, speed, efficiency and performance are a guarantee.

Its drum is also quite unique. The height of its drum is 23.75 inches and the diameter is 18.5 inches. Of course, with the diameter and height, it’s very easy to calculate the capacity. The size is enough for both commercial and home uses. The distance from the ground to the honey gate is 15.75 inches. That makes it a great option for all uses.

Something else, this honey extractor is made using an excellent material for added durability. The 304 stainless steel construction ensures that you get years of excellent and dependable services. And, it also comes with unique metallic gears for added convenience and comfort. The fact that this extractor can fit shallow, deep and medium frames makes it a great product. I mean, you won’t need to purchase several extractors for use with different frames.

Final thoughts!

Honey extractors allow the farmer to get better yields. With manual and electrical options, I personally recommend the electrical ones. Although the options are endless, getting the right honey extractor can be a pain in the rear. That’s why you need to be armed with this review whenever you’re looking for a good extractor. After reading through the article, be sure to add one of our suggestions to your cart! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.