Best 10 LED Tea Light Candles in 2018

Candles have become commonplace in today’s world. Some use them to create a more relaxing ambiance, others for religious and spiritual purposes, while some people will light the candles to commemorate an event or occasion such as an anniversary, romantic dinner, celebrations and much more.

A trend that is picking up fast is the use of LED tea light candles instead of the normal wax candles. These artificial candles are powered via batteries and look similar to the real thing only that they require no matches or lighter.

Unless you really move very close for a closer view, you may think they are real since they also flicker. But before we look at the 10 best LED tea light candles, how about we look at their benefits?

  • Zero Flame: Flameless votive candles don’t produce a flame meaning they also produce minimal heat if any. It’s definitely safe and will not accidentally burn objects;
  • Non-Drip: These candles don’t have a wick that burns and melts the candle hence you won’t need to clean up the mess or include a holder;
  • User-Friendly: Turning on the candle is as easy as flipping a switch. There is no fear of a pet or child accidentally knocking the candle and making it go off;
  • Eco-Friendly: No harmful or toxic fumes and substances are produced by LED tea light candles and this not only protects the environment but is also good for your health;
  • Cost-Effective: Since they are rechargeable, you won’t need to replace them or keep buying matches or lighters.

Best LED Tea Light Candles in 2018

10. Instapark, LED Faux Flameless Flickering Tea Light Candles

The flameless tea light candles by Instapark are targeted at users looking for quality and long-lasting candle lighting. This 24-piece set consists of artificial flickering candles that run on batteries but still flicker like ordinary candles.

The pet and child-safe candle doesn’t produce a flame, smoke, molten wax or smell and are fit for indoor and outdoor use. With a lifespan of more than 100 hours, the warm and energy-efficient candles will stay lit even in windy and wet conditions.

9. OMGAI, LED Tea Lights Candles

Decorating your home, restaurant, park and other places is best done with the 24 OMGAI LED tea light candles. These artificial candles emit cool light and flicker like the conventional candles but won’t leave any waxy mess behind or give off an unpleasant smell, carbon or smoke.

The standard candles are powered by a small battery whose life expectancy’s about 60 hours continuously. Replacing the battery is simple and straightforward and so is turning the LED candle on or off.

8. IB-Sound, LED Tea Light Candles

Light up the dinner table, lawn, garden, restaurant with this flameless LED tea light candles from IB-Sound. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, the battery-powered flickering candles can last for more than 100 hours and give off no scent, no smoke and don’t create a mess because of molten wax.

The 24 real like candles can fit most standard votive holders and produce cool lighting that is ideal for the romantic dinner, anniversary, Christmas and other celebration. The IB-Sound also offers 4 different colors of candles which are Colorful; LED Tea Light and Yellow.

7. AGPtek, Submersible Waterproof LED Tea Light Candles

This 24-piece set of LED tea light candles may be what you need for the upcoming party or Christmas. They are made from plastic and give off warm white light.

The 24, 6V battery-operated lights can fit in the standard votive or candle holder and are resistant to water courtesy of their submersible nature. Simply twist the switch to turn them on or off.

6. eLander, LED Tea Lights Candles

Days of having to clean up the mess created by molten wax, having a matchbox or lighter nearby, or not being able to enjoy candle lighting outdoors are over. With the 12-piece flameless and flickering tea light candles by eLander, you enjoy the same candle light but is delivered via LEDS and batteries.

These pieces fit standard holders and produce warm white light and each of the candles can last for 12 hours straight while the battery time can last for 30-70 hours.

5. Devine LEDs, Flameless LEDs Tea Light Candle


The flameless LED tea light candle from Devine LEDs comes in a 24 pack and is ideal for decorating the home restaurant, garden and other places. The non-scented candles run on batteries that will offer more than 100 hours lifetime.

The nonscent, non-drip, and no smoke candles are perfect for any occasion and can be used with most votive holders.

4. Youngerbaby, Amber Yellow LED Tea Light Candles

Improve the mood at the table or in the garden with Youngerbaby LED tea light candles. They give off amber yellow light just like genuine candles and the light also flickers.

The battery-powered units are made from sturdy plastic and are designed for the indoors and outdoors. The flickering candles can cover a large space and guarantee you of beautiful warm light. Some users said the tea light candle can light up for 72 hours.

3. Homemory, Realistic and Bright Flameless LED Tea Light Candle

This flameless tea light candle from Homemory is perfect for lighting the dinner table or decorating the room. The battery-operated candle can be used the way it is, placed on a votive, glass or any other candle holder.

The flickering bulb provides the warm white color which fits for calming the mood, boosting the romantic effect or festive decoration. It features an easy-to-use On/Off switch and the included battery can last around 72-100 hours.

2. Vivii, Flameless LED Tea Light Candles

These artificial LED tea light candles from Vivii give a very realistic look and flicker just like an ordinary candle. To give you large coverage, this set consists of 36 candles that will light up the room with the beautiful amber color.

Light up and turn off the candle are easily done by sliding a simple switch. The energy-efficient, durable and eco-friendly LED lights can be used with tea light holders, votives or luminary bags.

1. AGPtek®, 100 Battery Operated LED Tea Light Candle

The AGPtek flameless LED tea light candles run on batteries and produce amber light that also flickers. The 100-piece set is also ideal for large spaces such as big hall and restaurant, etc.

The smokeless, flameless and odorless candle leaves no residue behind and is turned on or off by a switch located at the base of the candle. It also features Flickering Flashing light effect that gives a real look candle. The battery guaranteed to run up to 100 hours lifetime. The brand provides 4 different colors: Flickering Cool White, Flickering Wam White, Flickering Yellow and Yellow.

Worry no more about the wind, water, pets and people knocking down your candle or making it go off. The above LED tea light candles come in different designs, capacities, styling, colors and more, all the featured items are bound to give you a better experience.

They look as real as the traditional wax candle is terms of design, flickering light and appeal. However, you don’t have to worry about dripping wax, the candle burning up, or regularly replacing them. Furthermore, they won’t go off due to wind, or emit any smell or toxic fumes. They are not only pet and child-friendly but also good for the environment. Make the event memorable and more relaxing by choosing the right LED tea light candles.






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