Best 10 Cheap Makeup Brush Sets – 2018 Edition

High quality makeup brushes can cost hundreds of dollars with a single brush from high-end companies coming in at $50 or more. The results makeup lovers can get from these high priced brushes is undeniable, but not everyone who has an eye for technique wants to spend a ton of money getting the results they need. Thankfully, it is easy to find makeup brushes that will do the job for a lot less. The following are all available for under $30 on Amazon.

Ten Best Cheap Makeup Brush Set Comparison Table

e.l.f. Cosmetics Essential Brushes Set6 makeup brushes included for professional application

Brush Cleaner for quick cleaning in-between makeup applications
BH Cosmetics 15-Piece Rose Gold Brush SetSynthetic brush

Vegan Brush

cruelty free
EcoTools 6-Piece Day-to-Night Clutch SetRecycled aluminum ferrules

Set includes: pointed concealer brush, round powder brush, detailed lip brush, stay-there eyeshadow brush and smudge brush
Real Techniques Makeup Brush Starter SetDesigned with pro makeup artist Samantha Chapman

Synthetic, 100% cruelty-free
EcoTools Kabuki Brush SetArtist-designed aluminum handles

Limited edition with 4 full size brush heads conceal, bronze, contour, and buff
Coastal Scents 12-Piece Brush SetSet includes 12 high quality cosmetic brushes

Synthetic and natural hair bristles for long lasting performance and precision
Shany Ombre Pro 10-Piece Essential Brush Set With Travel PouchIncludes 10 synthetic cosmetics brushes with an elegant travel makeup pouch

Proud member of PETA and against animal cruelty
BH Cosmetics Studio Pro Brush Set18-piece Studio Pro Brush Set

It comes in a faux leather tool belt
e.l.f. Professional 9 pc. Master Set9 pc. Master Set

Comes with brush bag
BH Cosmetics 14-Piece BH Signature Brush Set14 piece Signature Brush Set

Contains a full array of classic white-and-gold brushes with silky synthetic bristles


e.l.f. Cosmetics Essential Brushes Set

This set has great value for 6 brushes, brush cleaner and a brush roll. e.l.f. is known for selling super affordable cosmetics that actually work pretty well. The company’s brushes are no different. This set has an eye shadow brush, a blending smudge brush, eyeliner brush, face brush, eyelash/brow wand and concealer brush. All of the brushes work a treat, but the blending eye brush stands out as an easy way to created blended and smoky eye looks.

BH Cosmetics 15-Piece Rose Gold Brush Set

When it comes to the number of brushes for a buck, this set from BH Cosmetics comes out ahead. It has 15 brushes and a brush roll, making it a 16-piece set, technically. With numerous sizes for eye shadow application, creating the latest looks is simple. There are plenty of options for foundation and blush application too. The contents are a spooley brush, lash and brow comb/brush, eyeliner brush, detailing brush, angled liner brush, shadow brush, smudge brush, blending brush, shading brush, foundation brush, blush brush and more. The handles are a cute rose gold and fit nicely in the included auburn brush roll.

EcoTools 6-Piece Day-to-Night Clutch Set

EcoTools makes some seriously hard working brushes at a price that is great. This particular set comes with 5 essential brushes and an adorable clutch carrying case. The brushes are a face brush that works for both blush and foundation, lip brush, concealer brush, eye shadow brush and smudge brush. The bristles on these brushes are as smooth and sturdy as those on much pricier brushes, so women who are going to use them frequently can depend on them.

Real Techniques Makeup Brush Starter Set

This set from Real Techniques is all about the eyes. It comes with a smudger, eyeliner brush, brow brush, shadow brush and crease brush. It also comes with a case for the set. The bristles on these brushes are ultra plush for a really soft feel. The handles are lightweight aluminum and a pretty purple color. The best part is that the company developed these brushes cruelty free, so no animals were hurt in the making of these cute eye makeup tools.

EcoTools Kabuki Brush Set

For those who prefer small brushes that can easily tuck away in a purse or clutch, this little 4-piece set is perfect. The brushes have the quality and great feel of the standard brushes by EcoTools, but with a short and stubby profile. This set is all about the face with concealer, buffing, bronzing and contouring brushes. The handles are aluminum with artistic patterns printed on them. They are just long enough for grasping securely enough to apply makeup.

Coastal Scents 12-Piece Brush Set

This brush set from Coastal Scents has a sleek professional look. The brushes are all black and come tucked neatly into a black leather-look carrying case. The brush bristles are a combination of natural and synthetic fibers for great feel and performance. The set has lash and brow comb/brush, eyeliner, detailing, angled liner, shadow, smudge and face brushes. Each of the brushes and the carrying case are stamped with the Coastal Scents logo, and the brushes feature a part number for easy replacement.

Shany Ombre Pro 10-Piece Essential Brush Set With Travel Pouch

Shany is a low cost cosmetics company that has some fantastic eye shadow and blush colors. Their sets are perfect for beginners and confident makeup artists. They also sell a range of brushes, some of which are okay and others that are much better. This pro set is one of their more reliable choices. It features powder, foundation, bronzer, eye shadow, blush, concealer, and contour brushes. It also has a sleek black carrying case that is compact and sturdy. All of the brushes are cruelty free. Shany is an active member of PETA.

BH Cosmetics Studio Pro Brush Set

Makeup artists who do more than just a bit of application at home and need to stick to a budget should try this set from BH Cosmetics. It has 18 of the most popular and useable brush styles, from blush application to eye lining, and it comes with a handy adjustable tool belt. It clips around the waist securely for easy access to this complete set. The synthetic bristles are soft and manageable while the leather-look carrying case offers a professional look that can enhance a beauty business.

e.l.f. Professional 9 pc. Master Set

e.l.f. makes brush sets for everyday use that are affordable and easy-to-use. The company also makes affordable pro options that are a bit sturdier and cater to makeup artists. Are they going to hold up against a MAC set? Maybe not, but the price point is extraordinarily better. The set comes with an artist roll, eye sponge, several eye brushes, a foundation brush, lip brush, brow brush/comb and a eyeliner brush. This basic set is enough to do most looks and can be supplemented with additional e.l.f. pro brushes for just a few dollars apiece.

BH Cosmetics 14-Piece BH Signature Brush Set

This brush set has a lot of similar characteristics to the 15-piece rose gold set offered by BH Cosmetics. It has all of the detailing and lining brushes anyone would need, face brushes, a spooley and a brow brush/comb. What stands out about this set is a classy white and gold design. The brushes are white with gold necks. They come in a cup-style carrying case with a gold and white design of its own. The cup has a cover for easy travelling.

Any of these 10 brush sets would work perfectly for the average at-home makeup artist and even some professionals. Beside the value, users get nice looking brushes that stand up to regular use. When shopping for these on Amazon, beware of counterfeit goods. If a deal for expensive brushes looks to good to be true, it most likely is. Most retailers have their very own Amazon storefronts, so the easy way to be sure is to check to see who is selling it. It’s better to buy an affordable brand like those listed above than to purchase a knockoff from a disreputable seller. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.