Best 10 Digital Food Scales in 2018

Do you add indefinite amount of ingredients every time you cook? Well, getting one of the best kitchen scale will go a long way in balancing your ingredients and giving you a nice tasty meal. Kitchen scale is a crucial tool in helping you to determine the right amount of ingredients putting into your foods. We have collected a list of top 10 best digital food scales in 2018 to help you in preparing some of the finest delicacy.

10. Drop, Kitchen Non-Slip Silicone Connected Kitchen Scale and Interactive Recipe App

10. Drop Kitchen Non-Slip Silicone Connected kitchen scale

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Drop Non-Slip Silicone Connected Kitchen Scale comes with 100 of step by step interactive recipes and is a must have scale in the kitchen. It has smart scaling-scale and you can use any recipe for any ingredients with ease. It is easy to substitute ingredients making weighing become easier and faster. The scale is versatile and compatible with IOS devices. It is hygienic sensitive and does not have to touch the iPad with dirty fingers with the auto progress and wireless functions.

9. My Weigh, Bakers Math Kitchen Scale

9. Kitchen Scale, Bakers math

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Bakers Math Kitchen Scale consists of a wide variety of features. The Bakers math is a versatile kitchen scale that weighs more than just food. It comes with a percentage weighing function which is especially great for soap making and baking. The Bakers Math Kitchen Scale can weigh up to 800o gram and comes with 4 additional weighing modes like the kg, oz, and the lbs for faster reading of measurements. The stainless steel platform makes it quite easy to clean. The bright backlit weight display helps you to read the scale even in the dark.

8. Smart Weigh, Digital Glass Top Kitchen and Food Scale

8. The Smart Weigh digital scale

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Smart Weigh Digital Glass Scale is a true digital scale that will delight you and make your kitchen a digital room with its simple design. It is quite light and comes with a unique design that adds more decoration to your counter top. The sleek design of the scale makes it a great addition to your kitchen. The Smart scale features multiple weighing modes and tare functions for compatibility. It is an accurate scale with superior technology and delivers a precise measurement for your kitchen.

7. Oxo, Good Grips Stainless Steel Food Scale

7. Oxo Good crips Stainless steel Food scale

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If you are looking for something portable and easy to use in the kitchen, Oxo Good Grips Scale is your ideal kitchen scale in 2018 you must check out today. The Oxo has a zero function that allows zeroing before any scaling is done. This allows for additional ingredients to be added without compromising the reading of the scale. It comes with 4 AAA batteries just in case you don’t have power. It is quite easy to use and maintain. The platform can be removed and washed.

6. EatSmart, Precision Elite Digital Kitchen Scale

6. EatSmart Precision Elite Digital Kitchen Scale

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EatSmart weighs a mere 15 lbs making it quite light and easy to transport. It is a versatile choice that can display in kg, oz, lbs and ounces. It comes with a tare function that eliminates the weight of the plate for easier and faster measurement. The three minutes auto off helps saving on the battery when you are preparing your ingredients. The stainless steel platform for easy cleaning along with the large display makes easy to read the measurement. 4 AAA batteries are included.

5. American Weigh, American Weigh Scales GEMINI-20 Portable MilliGram Scale

5. American weighs Gemini-20 Scale

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The American Weigh Scale is another great option for kitchen enthusiasts and makes you thrilled to use it. With a weight increment of 0.001, the scale is the perfect kitchen with precision and accuracy. The flip down shields help protect the delicate weighing surface ensuring your scale remains in stable working condition for the longest time possible. It comes with tweezers and a carrying case making it a good value for money. The product is also provided with a 1o year warranty.

4. Greater Goods, Nourish Digital Kitchen Food Scale

4. Nourish Digital Kitchen food scale

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The Nourish Digital Kitchen Food Scale is another great kitchen scale to make the fourth spot in our list. This is a durable and portable scale with very precise measurements. It can measure up to 2000 foods including custom entries making it quite versatile and a good value for your money. It is quite easy to clean with hygienic touch sensitive buttons. The tempered glass is durable and will not break easily.

3. Ozeri, Touch Professional Digital Kitchen Scale

3. Ozeri Touch professional Kitchen scale

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Ozeri Touch Professional Digital Kitchen Scale will delight you with its easy touch functions. The touch sensitive buttons are great for easy operation. It is quite a sturdy scale featuring a tempered glass surface that is 4 times stronger than most common glasses. It is a great scale to check out in 2018. It is equipped with GFX sensors to detect of the lightest measurements. The highly precise Tara features help calculate the weigh of all ingredients. It comes with two lithium batteries and an ease access to the battery compartment.

2. Ozeri, Pronto Digital Multi-function Kitchen and Food Scale

2. Ozeri Pronto Digital multi-function Kitchen and food scaleCheck price on Amazon

Ozeri Pronto Digital  Multi-function Scale takes the second top in our top ten best digital food scales in 2018 and rightfully so with numerous features that make weighing in the kitchen more reliable and enjoyable. This accurate scale comes with easy digital buttons. The precision tare will calculate the net weight of your ingredients by automatically subtracting the weight of the bowl. It comes with automatic unit buttons that change ounces to grams.

1. Etekcity, 11lb Digital Kitchen Food Scale

1. Etekcity 11lb Digital scale

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It has come to the top 1 scale in 2018 is the Etekcity Digital Kitchen Food Scale. It is the great addition to your kitchen in this 2016 and will surely go a long way in keeping all kitchen measurement. The scale comes with a 0.1oz/1g division making it one of the most precise kitchen scales in the market. It delivers trustworthy result that makes it a good value for money. It has multi-functional uses with an alarm timer and also with a temperature sensor. It has a sleek and sturdy design that gives it a plus addition to the kitchen. The auto zero function ensures you get a compatible scale you can use with several other containers.

There is no need to risk your healthy by adding too much of certain ingredients especially if you are the health conscious person. The numerous kitchen scales models make it difficult to choose the best kitchen scale but surely this list can help you. If looking for the perfect kitchen scale, look no further. They are efficient and will help you keep up with your healthy needs. Make the right choice and order one today. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.